Blender Banana Oat Muffins

Also known as barely any clean up or effort muffins (which counts a lot in my books). 

During the week I love having something easy to grab for a snack or breakfast. Anything to take some thought out of what to eat in the morning or in between meals, and to encourage us to skip the handy A&W drive-thru across the road. 

Last week it was peanut butter bites/balls which were delicious, easy to make, super satisfying and definitely need to be recreated. I used a recipe that Rae posted on her Instagram. I made them within 10 minutes of seeing the post! This week I wanted to make muffins.

I had oats, bananas and greek yogurt to use so that's exactly what I typed into my handy Pinterest search bar. I decided on this recipe mainly for its ease. Add ingredients to blender, blend and smoosh, pour into muffin tins, bake and enjoy! The muffins turned out super moist and banana-y, plus the only materials needed were a blender, a muffin tin and a spatula. I added some flax seeds, chia seeds and coconut oil for extra nutrition. 

Something to note, I do not have a fancy high speed blender you see nowadays. I was skeptical at my first attempt to blend the ingredients together. But I kept at it and used a spatula to mix/push the ingredients closer to the blade, after some pulsing the batter smoothed out and mixed together. Also make sure to grease your tins/liners well, mine took some extra jimmying to get out. 

I didn't have many chocolate chips left so I just added mine to the top and spread them with a knife a bit when I took them out of the oven. This last step added to their lovely appearance haha, I assure you they taste delicious! 

And the easiest blender clean-up is to rinse your blender, add a squirt of dish soap, fill halfway with warm water and blend! Rinse blender and scrub anything that remains. 

I am off to enjoy one now with a cup of coffee :)  

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Eating Lately ~ Pfenning's Organics

Groceries. The bane of my existence. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE food. I mean, I have to eat every 4 hours or the definition of the term 'hangry' would be a picture of my face. Sometimes though I would love my fridge to just pop out a fully cooked healthy meal when I am hungry and don't feel like cooking or even THINKING of what to cook. 

I've always noticed that the majority of our grocery-store time is spent in the produce section. 
Side note: I read/watched/heard once that you should spend the majority of your grocery time and money on the outer aisle of the grocery store. This aisle has the most whole and unprocessed foods, makes sense to me and is something I notice/keep in mind while shopping. 

Best case scenario, the produce we buy is organic, but at a normal grocery store this turns into mega $$$, which we really DON'T have (student and young professional, hello!). How to buy fresh organic produce and not spend the big bucks: enter food box delivery. 

I've seen a few food box delivery services online, but many are too big, not-local, too expensive and/or require a subscription. 

Enter Pfenning's. A local (to the KW Region) organic health products and food shop. AND they do weekly fruit and veggie basket delivery. No subscription required. 

If you live in the area (Waterloo Region, Guelph, Fergus, Elora, Stratford, Paris, Brantford) you can have your basket delivered to your house with free delivery. Order by the Friday before and have it delivered the following Wednesday. There are five baskets to choose from and two different sizes. Baskets range from fruit and veggie mix, to just veggies or just fruit, local only, to local and import, all baskets are fully organic. The best part is each week they have a list of the contents of each basket for the next order, so you can mix up which basket you order week to week. If you don't need anything one week, just don't order! 

We typically order a small Wild Basket, which is a mix of local and imported veggies. It is $25 and I think the price is great compared to our closest grocery store for organic produce. We have been very happy with the quality each time. Basket delivery day is an exciting day! We started ordering in the winter, so I can only imagine that the quantity, quality and locality of the produce will increase as spring and summer begin! 

We've been having lots of roasted veggies and green smoothies with the produce we've received. Sometimes, we'll get a vegetable that we've never cooked before which as an exciting element to the kitchen. Today is Tuesday and I have a small Wild Box coming tomorrow morning :) 

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October 2015 Vibes

Before I jump into current events. I wanted to do a recap of my October, which was a busy one. October dawned and every weekend was booked with weddings, concerts and family time.

My cousin Melanie got married the first weekend of October. It was chilly and windy but this did not damper their outdoor ceremony. It was sweet and short on the unique setting of a baseball diamond. When her two boys and my cousin's two girls walked down the aisle with HUGE smiles in their dresses and suits I couldn't keep those tears in. It was a lovely fall wedding decorated to reflect the season. There was lots of dancing and table wine with some of my favourite family members. Chelsea, the little 2 year old girl of the group, boogied all night, well past the other 3 rascals. 

Mi Familia

Wedding Lips 

Thanksgiving weekend we had a Polish wedding to attend, my first one! Needless to say there was lots of vodka, food and dancing and I was feeling it the next day! 

Bagin Biddies ready for the Polish wedding 

We also saw Blue Rodeo at the Kee to Bala over Thanksgiving. This was my sixth (?) time seeing them and they never disappoint, especially at the Kee to Bala. It is truly amazing to see the array of ages in the crowd and the vibe that comes while listening to a classic Canadian band in a classic Canadian venue. 

BR Crew


We polka-ed our faces off at Altes Muenchen House for Oktoberfest. I got a HUGE blister on the bottom of one of my feet to prove it. This was my first time attending Oktoberfest and it was so much fun. The band was so so great. I can't wait to attend next year!

Awesome crew for my first Oktoberfest! 

TRAIN / / 
We saw Train at Casino Rama on one of the last weekend in October (I know I like my repeat performances). This is such a unique venue to see a show at, so intimate! The band has an extra long set with no opener, so they really get to talk to you and play a whole range of songs. A highlight was their cover of "Can't Feel My Face" by the Weeknd. 

We acted like retired old farts and decided not to go out for Halloween. But this was rectified when we went for an amazing Brunch at the Cambridge Mill for our 2nd anniversary on November 1st. 

There we have it a quick re-cap of October, mostly for my memory's sake! Now it's full steam to Christmas! 

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Summer 2015 Vibes

I started this post and it was on time. Now its December and CHRISTMAS is around the corner. I've been thinking about this here blog a lot lately (even though I have neglected it). Definitely need to get some thoughts down, give it a real shot! There are so many things to catch up on. But first Summer 2015 can't be overlooked or forgotten, it was one for the books. 

This summer was one of my first ones off in years. Lot's of cottage time, sun time, family time, and completely unplanned, live music time(s). A little recap in words and photos. 

Where you will find me most of the summer: on the dock  

This post and this post, kicked off the summer, a Train concert and an amazing long weekend at the cottage with family and friends. My brother and his girlfriend came home, which was amazing, and not the only time I got to see them this summer (insert all of the cheesy grin emojis). They live in Saskatchewan and come home only every so often. 

I started July by getting down and dirty with some paint and our living room. I don't have many photos, and it's still in the finishing phases, but it is a major improvement and has changed the vibe of our place from "student squalor" to "almost adult" HA!

My parents and grandparents went away for three weeks and I was put on dog and cottage sitting duties, not a bad assignment to have! I lived at the cottage the last three summers so uninterrupted cottage-time, sans work,  was amazing. Girlfriends and family came up for an extended weekend near the beginning. I had the place to myself for a few days then we spontaneously decided to attend Wayhome Music and Arts festival. 


WAYHOME! I cannot put it into words or even think about recapping the weekend in its entirety. Is it Wayhome 2016 yet?!?! We commuted back and forth because: dog sitting. We STILL had an amazing time. I had never been to a music festival before and it did not disappoint. The music, the people, the VIBES were amazing. We saw SO MANY great shows, and it was lots of fun getting dressed each morning. I wish I had taken more pictures while there, but I'm glad I put my phone away and immersed myself in the festival. There was no cell service which made finding friends a challenge, but unplugging easy. An added bonus was Steve unknowingly buying VIP tickets. We got them cheaper than the original lowest price AND we had all access passes for the weekend!! Oysters while watching Brandon Flowers in a field of dancing music festival goers? SURE! 

Just a few of the 30+ shows we saw: Yukon Blonde, Sheepdogs, Neil Young, Dear Rouge, July Talk and Kendrick Lamar.  I even danced my face off at a few electro shows (and if you know me, you know it isn't my favourite type of music). Hats off to the organizers of the festival, it was the first one ever and it went off without a hitch. 

 My Wayhomies <3 


After our last-minute Wayhome weekend, a trip to the emergency vet (this does not need to be scribed for memory's sake!), Steve and I were off to Saskatchewan for 10 days! Visiting with Garrett and Caileigh in Saskatoon was the highlight of my summer. We had them ALLLLL to ourselves and it was amazing. Garrett is my twin brother, he and his girlfriend (and my friend!) Caileigh are living out there while he finishes his PhD in Environmental Toxicology (he is a smartie pants!). I LOVED seeing their places, meeting their people and going on adventures. 

We explored their neighbourhood and Saskatoon, swam in Blackstrap Lake and the Saskatchewan River, visited Lucky Bastard Distillery, explored the Saskatoon Forestry Farm, cooked and ate amazing food (dumplings, hot pot, BBQ by the river), tossed the frisbee, watched the sunset, saw Yukon Blonde (AGAIN and danced our faces off), walked across and saw ALL of the bridges, visited the university,  fed Garrett's fish, hung out and went out, AND THEN we drove to Regina for the three-day Regina Folk Fest. Blue Rodeo, Sheepdogs (for the 2nd time) and Vance Joy Headlined the festival, but the smaller acts and the set-up of the whole festival was really great. We had an amazing time at the festival and exploring Regina, which was surprisingly a really nice city! We even tried and failed to meet Blue Rodeo, I mean we ARE 2nd generation fans! I DID NOT want to go home, to say the least. But after a stop for some Saskatoon Berry Jam, it was time to head back to Ontario and three more weeks of summer. 

 The city of bridges

 What every Sunday should look like 



The Dead Sea of Canada

 Hello again: Sheepdogs 

 Blue Rodeo = BFF 


A folking great time! 


 We had extended family visit the cottage. We said goodbye to my Aunt Nancy's Hydro. Steve and I adventured to Grand Bend for the first time with friends and had a crazy night out in Waterloo. I went to the Canadian National Exhibition with my parents and saw the Sheepdogs (3rd time!) with them at the Kee to Bala. A Paul Anka concert started Labour Day weekend full of family from my dad's side and friends, plus Steve's parents and sister. The Sunday night nine of us sweated it out to Sam Roberts Band at the Kee to Bala as a perfect end to the perfect summer. 

RIP Dro 

 Mermaid in Grand Bend 

 Friends new and old 

When you're at the Ex...

Hello again, again: Sheepdogs! 

Good ol' Canadian: Sam Roberts at the Kee

Now it is December and many a thought swirl through my mind but mostly the reminder of how quickly time marches on. 


Train All the Way

 The second last Tuesday in June we had concert tickets to see Train at The Molson Canadian Amphitheatre in Toronto. My Aunt got 8 of us (including her) lawn tickets to see their Picasso at the Wheel tour. We went to see them two summers ago, hence the larger crowd this time. They are AMAZING. Seriously so good live, if you ever have a chance to see them GO!

Matt Nathanson and The Fray opened, they were great too. Matt Nathanson was super personable and fun, lots of talking to and running into the audience, which I love. I dislike when you go to a concert and the artist you have been dying to see perform, doesn't say one word to you, they just play. I mean that's what I'm there for, but talk to me! Side note: I think this is one of my main issues with electro/DJ music, well besides the music ;), there is no connection with the person on stage, it's too dark or there are too many lights!

 Blanket Buddies 

SNAPPED (@carlyngreer)

Waiting on a Train...

When you order a bottle of wine they put it into a GUITAR!

ALWAYS get lawn tickets if you are seeing a show at the Molson Canadian Amphitheatre. Not only are they cheaper but the vibe is so great out there on the lawn. Hundreds of people sitting on a sprawling lawn, all close together, listening to an artist that they love. I've sat in the stands before and unless you want to be super up close, sit on the lawn. I've seen four of five shows there and its awesome. The acoustics are great and the sun sets right across the lawn during the show. Bring a blanket to sit on, grab a beer or guitar of wine, and you're good to go! You can't see the artist's face perfectly, but there are jumbotrons and the sound is great. Events are normally rain or shine though and thankfully it's never rained while I sat on the lawn! 

The following three pictures show the sun's progression on the lawn...

Do you have any concert plans this summer?

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